3 BlackHat SEO techniques that everyone should avoid

3 BlackHat SEO techniques that everyone should avoid

Why is it important to avoid some BlackHat SEO techniques? How- avoiding this can save our website from being banned by Google? Well- there might be various questions running into your mind related to BlackHat SEO. But, before going directly to the answer- let us know what exactly it is? So, basically, these are those who try to cheat the system for getting the higher ranker without staying within the rules. And this is the main reason- why one gets banned from Google.

Now- the important question arrives:-

Why One Must Avoid BlackHat SEO?

If you try to break the rule- Google will do nothing but you will get delisted from the search results. As a result, your potential customer will get left with nothing instead of going to some other websites. For them, your business will completely get invisible and so, you have to suffer consequences. If you want to get rid of this, want to contact the best SEO Company in Delhi then reach us without giving it a second thought.

Here is the list of top 3 BlackHat SEO techniques that should be stopped now-

Purchasing Back Links/Link Farms/Private Blog networks

As mentioned- Google wants to deliver the best and most unique quality search results as much as possible. So, if you need a high ranking- then your content should be good. But, there are some people who instead of linking or creating the new one- they uses BlackHat SEO- that pay for links or subscribe to link farms.


With this, one can easily check out the websites across the internet- so, basically, in this, you can see a set of content that is quite different from the content on the pages. Along with that, the crawlers also get fooled by thinking your content should be highly ranked even it is not worthy. And if one gets caught in cloaking then there is a high chance of your site to get banned permanently.

Keyword stuffing & duplicate content

Keyword stuffing means to add a lot of excessive numbers of keywords- in your content- this is mainly done for attracting crawlers. And in case of duplicate content- the quality is not so good- it only increases the quantity on the site that is simply copied from other site.

If you have any other questions related to BlackHat SEO or want to know about the Best SEO Services In Delhi then don’t hesitate in getting in touch with us.

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