Choosing Your Home’s Exterior Color

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Nothing updates your home like a fresh coat of paint! A new exterior color can be just the thing to amp up your curb appeal, especially when you’re selling. But choosing just the right color can provoke anxiety in even the calmest of homeowners. What color will look best and fit into the neighborhood? Will other people like it? And how do you decide? Let’s take a look at what you should consider when choosing a new exterior color for your home.

Work with what you have

If your home or property has existing elements such as stone or brick, then work with those colors when choosing your exterior shade. You’ll want to choose a color that pairs well with the underlying tone of what you’re working with. Feel stuck? Then try using a color that has the opposite tone. For example, let’s say your home is constructed with warm, red bricks and you aren’t planning to paint over them. houses for sale in brownsville tx the parts you want to paint, choose a color with a cool tone, such as blue or gray. Also, think about how the color you’re choosing will work with the color of your roof.

Think about your home’s architectural style

You’ll also want to consider your home’s style when choosing an exterior paint color. After all, the colors that would be appropriate for a midcentury modern home may not look good on a Colonial. Spend some time online researching traditional colors for homes that are the same architectural style as yours. Some paint manufacturers also offer color collections suitable for a specific style.

Consider current trends

The choice of exterior color of your home is impacted by current trends as much as anything else. Look around your neighborhood. What colors are currently popular? Which ones do you like? You don’t have to always stick with neutrals. Are any other neighbors experimenting with color? Take a walk or a drive around just to see what others are up to and don’t be afraid to copy something that you like.

Work for harmony in your landscape

Unless you’re also planning to overhaul your landscaping, then you should choose a color that works well with the plants, flowers, shrubs, and trees that are in your yard. Your curb appeal will skyrocket when you choose a color that harmonizes with your landscape. Keep in mind that light colors tend to pop while dark colors recede.

Try samples

Just like you might paint swatches on your interior walls to test out different colors, you should do the same with your exterior color. Sunlight will have a dramatic impact on how the colors appear, so testing a few out before you dive in can help you narrow down your choices.

Don’t forget about trim and accents

Remember that when you’re painting the exterior, you also need to choose colors for your trim and for accents like doors. White is a safe choice for trim and accents. If you want to experiment, then try a color that’s a few shades lighter than your main color. For something truly bold, choose trim and accent colors that contrast with your main color.