Resolving Qbcfmonitor service not running on this computer

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When encountering the “QBCFMonitorService not running” error in QuickBooks, users are typically unable to access QuickBooks company files over a network. The QBCFMonitorService, or QuickBooks Company File Monitor Service, is crucial for facilitating multi-user mode in QuickBooks. Its absence or failure to start often indicates issues with network connectivity, firewall settings, or problems with the QuickBooks installation itself. Resolving this issue involves troubleshooting network configurations, ensuring the service is set to start automatically, and sometimes, reinstalling or repairing QuickBooks. This service ensures smooth collaboration and data sharing among users accessing QuickBooks company files over a network.

What is QBCF Monitor Service?

The QBCF Monitor Service oversees the connection between QuickBooks and the QuickBooks Database Server Manager. This is an important program because it ensures that every individual can view information at once and does not risk any problems during the process. In the case of errors, users will either have a hassle in opening or sharing the data file in QuickBooks.

Role of QBCF Monitor Service in QuickBooks

The main function of the QBCF Monitor Service is to monitor and support the connectivity between QuickBooks and its database. This server guarantees that all users are connected to the network so they can easily use and do their work on the QuickBooks file. It is the connecting link between the QuickBooks application and the database in the way of fast and accurate data exchange and security from data corruption.

How Does QBCF Monitor Service Work?

The QBCF Monitor Service is a background process that checks the status of the QuickBooks database server and controls the connections. It is helpful in:

Maintaining Network Stability: It ensures each network user’s connection without any interruption.

Protecting Data Loss: To save the data from being corrupted or even lost a strict arrangement of the connection is needed

SQL attack prevention: This means that the QuickBooks database software takes up the least CPU capacity with no downtime high security and full performance.


Unknown QBCF Monitor Service Issues

These are the usual symptoms occurring when the QBCF Monitor Service is not running along with your system:

Trying to open a file in single-user mode then the message “Your company file is in the wrong mode or multiuser” pops up.

Recurrent problems in accessing files of the QuickBooks company

The systems with QBCF Monitor Service. Set up the TCP/IP protocol or broadcaster settings and connect the server PC from the client to the server.

Long delays in accessing or updating QuickBooks files.


How QuickBooks Is Impaired

When the QBCF Monitor Service is inactive QuickBooks may come under the impact:

Looking out for More than One Way: Instead, the users have to take turns to be able to work with the company file.

Damage to the data source: The company file is very difficult to access or even to edit.

Escalated data destruction possibility: Unstable connections pose a threat to both data loss and corruption.


What Causes the QBCF Monitor Service to Fail?

Software Conflicts

Improperly installing or uninstalling new programs downloading system software incorrectly updates and attacks by viruses as well.

Incorrect Installation

Using the QuickBooks or the QuickBooks Database Server Manager the wrong type of installation will cause problems with the QBCF Monitor Service. Most of the time the issue is with the missing files or the wrong settings that the installation process often involves.

Network Configuration Problems

Network problems such as the use of an incorrect IP address network misconfigurations and the settings of a firewall can make the QBCF Monitor Service unoperational. A solid network setup is a must for the service to stay connected properly.


  • Restart Your Computer you might need to resolve the problem just by a simple restart.
  • Backup Your Data: Before making any changes backup your QuickBooks data.
  • Step-by-step Troubleshooting Guide
  • Press Windows + R to open Run.
  • Type services. msc and press Enter.
  • Inside the list of services find QBCFMonitorService.
  • Right-click and select Restart.
  • Check the Windows Services
  • Using your keyboard click the Windows + R keys.
  • Next type of services. msc and hit Enter.
  • The QuickBooksDBXX service should be running. If not restart the service.
  • Configuration of Windows Firewall
  • 1. Open Control Panel; under System and Security select Windows Firewall.
  • 2. Select Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall.
  • 3. Ensure QuickBooks and QBCF Monitor Service are added to allow apps through firewall settings.
  • Network Issues Resolution


Network Maintenance Tips

Maintain a stable network environment:

  • Regularly restart your router: To prevent network congestion.
  • Check network cables: Ensure all cables are properly connected and in good condition.

System Maintenance Practices

Regular system maintenance can prevent many issues:

  • Run antivirus scans: To detect and remove malware.
  • Perform disk cleanups: To free up space and improve system performance.

Benefits of Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks provides numerous benefits to businesses:

  • Improved Financial Management: Streamlines financial processes and provides accurate financial reports.
  • Time Savings: Automates many accounting tasks saving time for business owners.
  • Scalability: Suitable for small businesses and large enterprises alike.


In summary, the QBCF Monitor Service not running on this computer can cause significant disruptions to your QuickBooks operations. Understanding the service its importance and the common issues associated with it is the first step towards resolving the problem. Regular software updates proper installation practices and routine system maintenance can prevent many issues related to the QBCF Monitor Service. Keeping your network stable and ensuring correct user permissions are also crucial.

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