Elevate Your Career with Phlebotomy Course in Swindon

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Are you a healthcare professional looking to expand your skill set, or someone considering a rewarding career change into the healthcare industry? Our phlebotomy course in Swindon is designed to meet your needs, offering an exceptional blend of online and practical learning experiences. Here’s why our course stands out and how it can help you elevate your career.

Why Choose Our Phlebotomy Course?

1. Blended Learning Approach

Our course combines 3 hours of online theoretical learning with 8 hours of face-to-face training sessions. This approach allows for flexible study, enabling you to balance your learning with other commitments. The online modules cover fundamental concepts, preparing you for the hands-on training that follows.

2. Accreditation by CPD UK

Rest assured, our course meets high standards of education and practice as it is accredited by CPD UK. This recognition ensures that our curriculum is both rigorous and relevant, making it respected within the healthcare industry.

phlebotomy course swindon

3. Expert-Designed Curriculum

Designed by experts in the healthcare profession, our phlebotomy course is comprehensive and current. You’ll receive the most up-to-date training, reflecting the latest developments and practices in the field.

4. Extensive Practical Training

Our course provides practical training as per the National Occupational Standard, ensuring you gain real-world skills and experience. During the 8 hours of face-to-face sessions, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice on the manikin and refine your skills.

5. Focus on Infection Control

Infection control is paramount in phlebotomy, and our course emphasizes these principles throughout the training. You’ll learn best practices to maintain safety and hygiene, crucial for protecting both patients and practitioners.

6. Hands-On Practice Opportunities

Unique to our course is the opportunity to take blood samples from fellow participants, with their consent. This hands-on practice is invaluable for building confidence and proficiency in blood collection techniques.

We understand that your journey doesn’t end with certification. That’s why we offer robust job placement assistance, leveraging our strong partnerships with local healthcare providers. Our dedicated career services team will help you navigate the job market, offering guidance and support as you transition into your new career.

Who Should Enroll?

Our phlebotomy course is ideal for:

  • Healthcare Professionals: Whether you’re a nurse, medical assistant, or another healthcare worker, adding phlebotomy to your skill set can enhance your career prospects and job performance.
  • Career Changers: Looking to transition into the healthcare sector? Phlebotomy is a great entry point, offering steady demand and the chance to make a positive impact on patient care.

How to Get Started

Ready to take the next step in your career? Enrolling in our phlebotomy course is easy:

  1. Visit our website: Enrolling in our Phlebotomy Course in Swindon is simple!
  2. Complete the registration form: Provide your details and select your preferred session dates.
  3. Begin your journey: Start with the online theoretical learning at your own pace, followed by the immersive, hands-on training.

phlebotomy course swindon


Our phlebotomy course in Swindon offers a balanced, accredited, and expert-designed learning experience tailored for healthcare professionals and career changers alike. With a strong emphasis on practical skills and infection control, this course equips you with the competence and confidence needed to excel in the field of phlebotomy. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your career—sign up today and start your journey towards becoming a skilled phlebotomist.


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